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I wanted to contact you to advise that very sadly, after a 7 year battle against prostate cancer which spread to his bladder and bones, my beloved husband (Chris) very sadly died in mid-November.

Chris had been using PolyBalm for several months prior as his nails were so painful, dis-coloured and getting disfigured, and at their worst, it was if they were rotting which was very distressing for Chris as his nails omitted a very strong and extremely unpleasant odour.

PolyBalm definitely eased the pain and made a huge difference to the quality of his nails and restored healthy nail beds and normal colouration.

I am happy to write a testimonial do so in the hope that it will help others who end up with similar side-affects after chemotherapy.

I would like to thank you so much for this pioneering treatment which although expensive, was worth every penny just to see Chris’s symptoms ease up and make his last few months much more bearable.


“I was lucky enough to be able to use this balm over the last 2 years – I don’t have cancer but my nails were always weak in brittle. It has transformed them – I was so pleased it is now official available – my life would be much less fulfilled without it”

DH (London)

” I have a friend with advanced cancer struggling with the side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy, including dreadful nails. I was so pleased I could send her some polybalm – her nails are getting better now – it’s so nice to know I have have helped in some way”

RL (Cambridge)

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 17.34.06I have had a gamy big toe nail for over 10 years – Thanks for the tip to use polybalm after 4 months of daily of use my nail is virtually back to normal – quite amazing – I can wear flip flops again without feeling self conscious!

DT (Murcia Spain)