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We can ship polybalm anywhere in the world as the certificates and  regulations are recognised internationally.

We endeavour to keep the price as low as possible considering the cost of its rare unique ingredients and scientific evaluation.  It must be sold in a  pack of two as the tubes for the feet and the hands have to be used separate to avoid transfer of fungal spores. Although polybalm has a shelf life of 2 years, unopened, we recommend it is used within 8-12 weeks, if opened, especially for those on chemotherapy.  For best results, it should be used as early as possible from the start of the chemotherapy course until 6-8 weeks after completion.

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For a standard delivery, all packages are sent with UK Royal Mail. They are  formally tracked until they leave UK. If they are lost in the post outside the UK, we are sorry that we are unable to claim responsibility.
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