Other potential uses for Polybalm®

Polybalm® has now been available to buy for a number of years. Although the evidence for protection from chemotherapy induced nail damage is overwhelming, people have been using it for a number of other nail conditions ranging from psoriasis, split, weak or shellac damaged nails and more recently Covid related nail damage:


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 17.44.19Strengthening healthy nails

A number of nail salons are now using Polybalm® and are reporting interesting feedback from clients. Generally nails look and feel stronger and the cuticles look healthier. Most report that they can be shaped better and do not flake or split at the ends. This is what Melanie from Mill Hill London said:

“Since using Polybalm®, my nails look and feel wonderful – I stopped for 3 months and totally regret it as they went back to their usual flakey form. Now I have restarted they feel great again albeit with a 3 month delay”.

Covid associated nail damage

Damage of the nail by Covid has only recently been reported but it is not a single entity. The nails and their generating tissues  can be affected by Covid in a number of ways from simple beau’s lines to severe inflammation. Prolonged use of protective gloves, repeated hand washing and alcohol gels can also take their toll.  Some of these symptoms are indicators of a mild course like Covid‐toe or‐finger, while others are a red flag for a serious course like acro‐ulcerative lesions. The medical treatment of Covid‐19 may also interfere with nails, often with colour changes of the nail plate. Vaccination with RNA‐based vaccines can induce chilblain-like effects on fingers and toes. Although unusual, if suffering from Covid or you are about to get the Covid vaccine protecting the nails with Polybalm® does seem a good idea.

psoriasis-nailsPsoriasis associated nail damage

In the original Polybalm® study, the Nail Psoriasis Severity Index (NPSI) was used to evaluate the level of nail damage. This was chosen because the underlying causes of psoriasis induced nail damage is thought to be similar to chemotherapy induced damage – certainly the appearances are similar.

It is plausible Polybalm® may offer similar benefits to those demonstrated in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.


Split nails

The causes of a longitudinal split in the nail are not completely understood. Trauma, infection or both are likely candidates. It can last many many years and cause cosmetic and physical discomfort. The man in the picture had been to three different dermatologists and was told nothing could be done. he started using Polybalm® daily and was pleasantly surprised to see it completely heal after 4 months. We would love to hear from other people who have tried it for the same condition. Contact [email protected]

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 16.34.42Chronic Fungal infection

Some of the extracted botanical oils within Polybalm® have anti fungal properties. It is not a surprise, then, that we are periodically getting reports of a benefit for long term fungal infections. Again, we would be delighted to hear from anyone who has experienced a benefit. In the meantime, if other measures have failed, as is often the case, Polybalm® is certainly worth considering. Remember however, you would not expect to see results, for at least 3 months.